August 23, 2015


        The thought of school just makes me cringe, and mostly when it comes to high school. It's sad to think summer vacation is over, the warm freedom of laying down and not being worried of the long countless sleeping hours passed by on your bed better yet, laying on your bed munching on junkie snacks and watch endless hours of Netflix, well sadly all of that has came to an end.
        A new school year will start which means meeting new teachers and most likely stuck with the same classmates you've been with for the past few years. It already stresses me out just thinking about going home super tired and having to skip my nap and probably miss my shows because I have to turn in a report due the next day and then having to awake up 3 hours later to go to school and start my day which will start with finishing that report from last night in the cafeteria or the period before it's due . I can already picture myself breaking out and not even trying to dress up for school I will most likely slip into some warm ups and a t-shirt (give me a week max.). The thing about school is I have to see and hear some very annoying people who act very immature in class and I will have to put up with it for 8 hours. Oh and the most disgusting part will be walking passed couples by the hall, bus area, bushes, or benches sticking their nasty tongues down each other's throats.. Like okay you'll see each other in a few hours, chill we get it. I honestly don't see their statements to that's school dude ...not a motel...
        High school is the worst it's not how I pictured it. Yeah, it has its moment but the people...are just so unexplainable sometimes with an exception of some.  High school is made of a lot of people which are divided into groups, I seriously don't know why  some high school students pretend to be "heartless" and act tough and wear black outfits because it matches their soul...we all know you have feeling, quit the shit. I cant wait for the lady with the cart to hold me back like 100 years just to get my tardy slip, and then cause me to actually go late to class. There's a lot of things I can complain about high school but I'm actually not complaining these are basically facts. Well, I am excited to be with my friends but that's about it.

August 19, 2015


          A slut, a woman with many casual sexual partners. However a girl is still called a slut based on her apparel or sadly how her body is structured. It isn't okay to be calling women sluts based on clothing or a body figure. Better yet, clothing doesn't define you as a slut but a slutty action does, so why do we misuse the word "slut" and shame girls?
         A piece of clothing definitely does not describe girls as if they've slept with many guys (when they probably haven't). We teach girls to wear certain things, to limit their dress code because they will be viewed as sluts or either looking to be raped. We teach them that they are suppose to sit a proper way and be at their very best or else they're promiscuous. We should be able to wear a short skirt and not hear "Omg your skirt is to short" or feel uncomfortable in a Sunday dress because of pervy people. Lots of women have encountered the uncomfortable feeling when a person looks at you with raging hormones, which shouldn't be the case.
         Women have different body types some have larger butts, breast, or have pretty faces. These women cause heads to turn in a room full of people. However, most of these ladies get called sluts based on how their body is structured. I once heard a group of girls call a girl a slut because she was pretty...seriously because she was pretty. Her beauty was being brought down to shame, which females often use the word slut to bring down other women because of jealousy or hatred. Being a slut to society is the lowest of the low in the human pyramid. Words are very powerful to a person which can cause emotional damage. Therefore, we should stop misusing the term incorrectly because it brings down ones self esteem.