July 25, 2015


           For many years society has viewed the feminine sex as dolls, expecting women to be perfect which causes many to view women to look like Barbie dolls waiting in a plastic box showcased at stores. All of these expectations are so critic, therefore if your makeup or outfit isn't on point you're telling me people won't talk to you or won't consider you to go on a date? This is ridiculous. If your body isn't slim or young you're not allowed to wear yoga pants or a mini black dress without being criticized? Women are expected to naturally be skinny with healthy soft skin, nicely groomed hair, and to look breath taking as if they're walking down a Victoria secret show as a daily look whether it's simply to go grocery shopping or going to work. But truth is we are all different...and you already knew that! We have different body types and different taste of fashion, yet we are still human.
          We shouldn't discriminate but we should support the happiness and the comfort of the people. We shouldn't want women to be  highlighted for trying to hard or for not covering acne or wrinkles. WE ARE HUMAN MADE WITH IMPERFECTIONS! Ladies stop trying to please society (your crush, friends, family, etc..) but do it because it makes you happy, and YOU ROCK IT!
          Not only women but men as well shouldn't experience non appreciation  from people such as inappropriate comments or whispers about them for wearing a swimsuit and having a different body type. Everyone want to be viewed and have the same opportunities as any slim or pretty   person would. Therefore we should stop viewing women as Barbie's and men as Ken's and allow reality to be shown because what we need is to support the people around us which is the everyday look. I found "YOU LOOK DISGUSTING" a touching video by My pale skin on YouTube after I finished "BARBIE" which is very touching and I decided to share this video with you guys because I hope it gives you a better understanding.

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