September 15, 2015

Writing is like a white canvas, where I get to express my ideas and emotions through writing without limitations. I get to describe things and create vivid pictures. Writing is an illustration but only using your imagination with the words drawn on the paper. Writing also gives me a voice something many of us take for granted. Not only am I outgoing in person and I use my actual voice to say or do something but for some reason I enjoy that I get to think, organize, and create this picture by using words through writing. I am finding myself and growing through words and slowly  enriching my persona as how many writers do.  When I write I don't write for myself I write for others, for those who are reading my blog I don't think it's important to know what my "daily life" is or " what I'm doing on my free time" I prefer to talk about important topics and writing about others achievements and experiences. I been told by plenty of people to create a YouTube channel but I prefer using writing as way of communication whether its on paper or through devices. I believe writing is a much better way of connecting through people because it gives the opportunity to read and not just use the easy way of seeing things such as YouTube, yes it may have more people viewing things but in my opinion, why set aside something beautiful and creative such as imagination that allows you to make millions of ideas which is beyond amazing.

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